This just in: New York is 4th worst state for pets!

You might have thought you were a good dog owner, but there’s just one problem: If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re also… a New Yorker. So what’s the issue with that? Well, the the Empire State was just ranked one of the worst states for pet owners in the country! The website Safewise ranks us 47th out of 50, thanks to our  “lack of pet-friendly establishments or lax protection laws.”

Now, is that really fair? I mean, yes it’s true  we have a governor who brags about how poorly trained his dog is.

And NYC failed to meet its goal of being “No Kill” by 2015.

And, unlike some neighboring states (hola, New Jersey!), it’s perfectly legal to surgically destroy the vocal cords of a barking dog in New York.  

And, yes, we have weird public transportation rules that force some dog owners to transport their dogs in Ikea bags on the subway… 

Gosh, I wonder what New Hampshire is like this time of year!

(Featured photo: @sallylongdog)


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