Podcast Episode 26: Teach a foolproof DROP and COME using Classical Conditioning

classical and operant conditioning dog training by annie grossman i Most of the time when we teach a dog a new behavior, it follows an “if/then” equation. If you sit, then you get a treat; if you stop jumping, then I’ll greet you. This is training using Operant Conditioning, which is basically just a label for “learning by consequence.” In the latest episode of School For The Dogs Podcast, I talk about a different way of training certain behaviors, specifically “drop it” and “come.” This “different way” involves making use of another kind of conditioning: Classical Conditioning.

Over at the School For The Dogs blog, I give steps for training “come” and “drop it,” and I’ve also broken down how to think about Classical and Operant Conditioning in terms of a vending machine and a “magic claw” machine.

Here are some other posts I’ve written in the past that may help clarify the differences between these two kinds of conditioning:

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Further notes: 

whistle recall dog trainingIf you’re looking for a nice step-by-step guide to training “come” using Classical Conditioning, I highly recommend the DVD Training The Whistle Recall by Pamela Dennison.

In the episode, I talk about how stores make use of Classical Conditioning when throwing big sales. When I think about this, I always think about… Crazy Eddie! If you watched TV and lived in the New York metropolitan area in the 1980s, you gotta remember these commercials…

Woof Shout Out: 

frank drawing by annie grossmanIt’s impossible to not love our beloved student Frank, depicted at right in a custom portrait (I offer these at StoreForTheDogs.com).

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Thanks to ToastGarden for their ukulele cover of the song “Time Is On My Side.”


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