Podcast Episode 25: A Better Mousetrap: Building The Perfect Bully Stick Holder

bully stick holders by annie grossman

I first discovered that bully stick holders were a “thing” last year when I went to Global Pet Expo, the Orlando-based yearly pet product showcase. There, I encountered two bully stick holders made by two different companies, and I thought… finally! For years, I’d seen clients try to figure out ways to slow down their dogs’ bully stick consumption, for reasons having to do both with safety and frugality, but all their attempts were homemade hacks that only produced their own problems: A metal vice on the end of a bully stick might keep the end from getting swallowed, but do you want your dog chewing on metal?

The two that I saw at Global Pet Expo were the Animaswizzler and the Qwizl. The former, was made by a small company that was already making an ingenious device made to extend the life of Himalayan chews (the Animatwist — which can be modified to be used with an Animaswizzler, too). It was made of rubber and plastic and formed a kind of lattice cage over the bully stick. The latter, made by the Montana-based company WestPaw, slid over the bully stick like a thick sleeve.

Bully stick holders. From top left, clockwise: Everchew, Bully Buddy, Qwizl, Animatwist, Bonehead, Animaswizzler.

In this episode, I surveyed all the bully stick holders I’ve come across in the year or so since then. The best one I’ve come across, however, is not yet for sale. It is called the Everchew. In this episode, I interviewed its inventor, Kirby Kendall, who is currently working to raise funds to produce it, on Kickstarter. You can contribute, and get pre-order the Everchew, through Oct. 3, 2018.

In our conversation, Kendall and I discussed the fact that some people might be put off by the fact that the Everchew needs to be used with bully sticks that have a small hole drilled in them. The fact that it is held by a pin that goes through a hole really makes it much more sturdy than all the other models I’ve seen. He plans to sell them along with bully sticks that have a hole already in them, but he and I guessed that people might want to use bully sticks they purchase themselves. After we talked, he sent me this video showing how easy it is to drill a hole into one yourself.

You can check out an array of bully sticks at StoreForTheDogs.com.

Still trying to figure out what a bully stick is?! I’ve compiled everything I know about bully sticks in this blogpost.

Fun Dog Fact Of The Day: In 2014 an Austin, TX, supermarket was sued by the state for trying to sell bull penis to its clients. Apparently, it was shipped to the supermarket as “not for human consumption,” but the employees repackaged it. In China, bull penis is thought to be an aphrodisiac, and the supermarket has a large Asian clientele, so… it’s possible that the store’s customers were happy to see pizzle for sale.

Our Woof Shout Out: A few days before I recorded this episode, we received news that my business partner Kate’s dog, Disco, appeared to have cancerous tumors in his spleen and possibly around his heart, and would likely have to be put down. The diagnosis was sudden and shocking. The day I posted the episode, however, there was a glimmer of hope, as a couple of doctors seemed to suggest that the situation might not be quite so dire. Sadly, however, this morning Kate and her husband Jared had to euthanize Disco, who took a sudden turn for the worst.

Kate and Jared took him in as a foster dog from New York City’s Animal Care and Control in 2010, but then fell in love with his goofy personality and epic underbite. He helped inspire Kate to become a professional trainer, and served as the inspiration for our logo.

Disco had to be euthanized today after receiving an unexpected terminal diagnosis last week. He had a wonderful life and gave us all so much love. He will be missed very much. 

Music: Thanks to JazzBanjoRex for his ukulele cover of the song “Bully of the Town.”

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